AudioHQ is a digital audio ad sales company, focused on developing a premium & exclusive advertising platform that connects advertisers with digital audio advertising inventory & integration opportunities across a targeted line-up of publisher partners. We partner with premium audio content providers in the music, sports, news, business and entertainment marketplaces and then deliver compelling advertising products via high impact, data rich and targeted aggregation.

What sets us apart?

We're Exclusive:

Audio HQ guarantees a minimum of 2/3's of all impressions served against exclusive publishers.

This ensures additive reach, and low duplication with other networks and providers.

We Provide Premium Inventory:

        Audio HQ caters to the premium inventory market via partnerships with scaled and growing  

pure-play music services & premium spoken word content brands .

We're Targeted:

AudioHQ offers "Micro Networks", which are always content and/or demographically pure,

allowing advertisers to reach their consumer in a smart and efficient way.