AudioHQ Partners With Paradigm Talent Agency

New York, NY – August 19, 2015- AudioHQ and leading talent agency, Paradigm, have announced a partnership that will bring new digital audio content to market.  The companies will work together to develop, distribute, and sell long form digital audio programming within the construct of a traditional Hollywood studio model, something that’s yet to be tried on a large scale within the digital audio space. 

“We believe that the marketplace for spoken word digital audio is poised to grow significantly over the coming years and we are excited to bring new and differentiated content to that market.  As the space expands, we believe that there will be large-scale interest from both consumers and advertisers, in compelling highly produced content.  Paradigm brings a tremendous amount of experience and relationships in the entertainment industry to the table and we are very excited to be working with them to transfer some of their institutional knowledge to the audio world ”, commented Matt Cutair, AudioHQ’s CEO.

AudioHQ has rapidly proven itself to be a standout sales partner for major audio platforms and global corporate brands. We see that they have the vision, dedication, and knowledge of their audience to bring engaging content to the marketplace. Hollywood’s best storytellers are always looking for creative ways to reach the masses regardless of the format, be it film, television, or audio”, added Lawrence Antoine, EVP of Business Development & Digital Media at Paradigm.  

AudioHQ and Paradigm will announce specific programming initiatives later this year. 

About AudioHQ

AudioHQ entered the rapidly expanding digital audio advertising marketplace in 2014.  The company is focused on developing a premium and exclusive advertising platform that connects advertisers with digital audio advertising inventory and integration opportunities across a targeted line-up of publisher partners.  AudioHQ is the exclusive audio ad sales representative for many successful streaming audio services including TuneIn, 8tracks, MixRadio, Slacker In-Home, Jango, Yahoo Sports Radio, Mixcloud, and AccuRadio.  The company also recently announced a content distribution and sales partnership with John Tesh’s, TeshMedia Group. 

About Paradigm Talent Agency

Paradigm Talent Agency is one of the entertainment industry’s major agencies, with offices in Los Angeles, New York, Monterey, Chicago, Nashville, and London, guiding the careers of clients in motion pictures, television, music, theatre, publishing and digital media.